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Key Features

Magnetic Flex Build Plate

Removing prints has never been easier thanks to our removable flex build plate.  Made from spring steel with a protective coating, our build plates are made to last.  Each build plate comes with layer of PEI for excellent adhesion.  The build plate is held in place by nine high-strength, heat resistant Samarium Cobalt magnets secured underneath the heated bed. 

Automatic Bed Leveling

No more messing with leveling screws to get the perfect first layer.  The Equinox 3D printer is equipped with a inductive probe that can sense the distance between the hotend and the bed at different points and the automatically adjust its height mid-print to create nearly perfect layers.  

Filament Sensor

Has filament running out ever ruined a long print?  Not anymore, the Equinox 3D printer comes standard with a filament run-out sensor that will detect when all your filament is gone and automatically pause the print so that you can restock and resume without any hiccups.  

Genuine e3D Hotend

e3D is is the industry standard in Hotends.  With their performance and expandability there really is no better choice.  The Equinox 3D printer comes standard with an e3D Lite6 hotend which prints the basics like PLA and ABS no problem.  If you want more high-temperature, exotic filaments, you can simply upgrade to the e3D V6 which can handle most any filament.  

50 Micron Printing

Print all the way down to 50 micron layer heights with the Equinox 3D Printer.  From the precision lead screws on the X & Z axis to the belt driven Y axis, the Equinox 3D printer delivers stunning print quality at an affordable price.  

200 x 200 x 200mm Build Volume

Although affordable, the Equinox 3D printer still has a spacious build volume at 200mm cubed (8in. cubed).  Print large objects or many objects at once, the Equinox 3D printer can handle your big prints.  

  • 50 micron resolution

  • 1.75mm Filament Compatible

  • .4mm Hotend Nozzle

  • Aluminum PCB Heated Bed

  • 360w Power Supply

  • 200mm x 200mm x 200mm Build Volume

  • GT2 Belt

  • T8 Lead Screws

  • 8mm Hardened Steel Linear Rods

  • LM8UU Linear Bearings

  • NEMA 17 Stepper Motors

  • Arduino Mega Clone & Ramps 1.4 Control Board

  • 20x4 LCD screen

  • SD Card Reader

  • Filament Sensor

  • USB Type-B Port

  • Spring Steel Build Plate with PEI adhesive

Open Source

Equinox is an open source RepRap 3D Printer

Printable Parts

Marlin Firmware

RepRap Wiki

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